The level of fulfillment of timber purchase and sale agreements at UEB in the second quarter of 2024 was a record high and exceeded 90%

8 Jul 2024

Trades in raw wood on the Ukrainian Energy Exchange (UEE) are open and competitive, and participation in them is open to all interested parties. Effective contract enforcement is key to market stability and the success of businesses in this area.

The WEB operates a contract monitoring system, which includes work with participants, consultations, resolution of controversial issues, contract support and control over the transfer of products. As a result, the overall rate of implementation of timber purchase and sale contracts in the second quarter of 2024 amounted to 90.11%.

By type of seller, the state enterprise "Forests of Ukraine" fulfilled 90.26% of contracts, communal forestry enterprises - 82.16%, other sellers - 83.02%. "Forests of Ukraine" is the leader in timber sales volumes with an indicator of 1,248,250.35 m3, with 1,126,698.75 m3 actually shipped.

The Polesie Forestry Office demonstrated a particularly high rate of contract fulfillment, reaching 95.8%, which is a record figure. The Stolichny, Podolsk, Carpathian and Central forestry offices also showed a high level of contract fulfillment, ranging from 86.75% to 93.74%.

According to Konstantin Shevchuk, Deputy General Director of UEB LLC, thanks to monitoring the execution of contracts, it was possible to significantly increase their level. He thanked all bidders for the conscientious fulfillment of their obligations and emphasized that such work will continue.

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