SE "Forests of Ukraine" initiated more than 250 cases of abuse at its enterprises

10 Jun 2024

Based on the results of internal inspections of the State Enterprise "Forests of Ukraine", law enforcement agencies are investigating 254 cases of abuse in state forestry enterprises. The press service of the enterprise reported this on Facebook.

“Law enforcement agencies are investigating a record number of cases initiated by the enterprise. Almost every suspicion and detention of forest industry workers is based on internal security checks of the State Enterprise “Forests of Ukraine.”

The Security Department of "Forests of Ukraine" transmitted 528 reports of possible criminal offenses to law enforcement officers. Currently, 254 pre-trial investigations are underway; in 125 cases, the National Police, the DBI and the prosecutor’s office have involved security officers from Forests of Ukraine for investigative actions,” the statement says.

Large-scale events were announced in “Forests of Ukraine”. “It will be very large-scale and loud,” they promise at the state-owned enterprise.

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