SE "Forests of Ukraine" earned 11 billion in half a year and significantly increased salaries

8 Jul 2024

The State Enterprise "Forests of Ukraine" earned UAH 11.14 billion in the first six months of 2024, which is significantly higher than the income for the same period in 2023. General Director Yuriy Bolokhovets announced this.

According to him, the company compensated for the lack of its own wood processing by increasing the sale of raw wood by 15%. "Abandoning processing and large subsidized assets, which are realized through Prozorro, helped to save significant funds, which in the future will increase the company's profits by hundreds of millions of hryvnias," Bolokhovets explained.

In addition to financial success, the company has also significantly improved the working conditions of its employees. In particular, the salaries of forest masters, assistant foresters and foresters were significantly increased. Social guarantees for demobilized employees were also increased, their number in the company exceeds 500 people. The estimates for the work of contractors were also revised, which makes it possible to compensate for the shortage of personnel.

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