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Karpenko Co
Our company is located in the Western part of Ukraine. Since 2015, we have begun to produce oak furniture boards and sleepers. We have all the necessary equipment: 1. multi-saw machine-2 pcs. 2. four-sided machine-2 pcs. 3.pneumatic and hydraulic clamps 4 and 6 m. 4.hot press 5. Calibrating grinding machine. 6.format sawing machine. 7.sushiol complex for 900m3. 8.Three sawmills equipment makes it possible to produce up to 120m3 of finished boards and 300m3 of sleepers. The maximum dimensions of the board are 1300 * 3000mm. We are interested in a reliable and long-term customer. For our part, we guarantee the quality and lead times. Our company can produce 200-400m3 / month. Solid oak board RUSTIK-160 m3, AB and BC 40-80 m3. Thickness 20mm. Width up to 1300mm. Length from 400 to 3000mm. We can also make spliced ​​panels up to 40m3. Price -2000 €. Prepayment-40% the rest of the payment for the manufacture of the entire batch. After 100% payment, we download, customs and ship.
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